Helping female entrepreneurs succeed...

Being your own boss gives you freedom: freedom to do something that you WANT to do and shows who YOU are. 

But as a female entrepreneur it's hard to run a business: we get less funding, we have to juggle family needs and every so often someone asks us the dreaded question of "so when are you going to get a REAL job?"

At Keppel Leopard Creative we champion female entrepreneurs across the world. We want you to succeed: whether that's having a regular income or buying your own private jet - we want you to get there.

We know there are so many experts out there that are telling you that to create a successful business you have to change who you are.


Here at Keppel Leopard we know that's a load of bollocks.

We know that originality sells, and so we want to help you feel confident being yourself - quirks and all. 

We want to give you the control over your identity: you get to decide what people know about you and everything else can be kept private.

Stats (that shouldn't exist)

  • Only 13% of senior people on UK investment teams are women.

  • Less than 1% of UK venture funding goes to all-female teams.

  • Men in the UK are five times more likely than women to build a business of £1m + turnover.

  • Women are less likely than men to know other entrepreneurs or to have access to sponsors, mentors or professional support networks.

If female entrepreneurs in the UK had the same opportunities as male entrepreneurs, we could add £250 billion into the UK economy.

Want to help us change the stats?

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Hi! I'm Katie,

Mum of 2, wife, staffy owner, mentor and Founder of Keppel Leopard Creative

I started Keppel Leopard Creative started back in 2019, I had been made redundant at 7 months pregnant so the obvious choice was to start a business!

Five days after my redundancy I had setup a business offering Graphic Design and admin services to small businesses.

As the business evolved (which meant dropping the admin side!) I realised that for my clients to truly create a memorable business they needed a brand identity, which was more than the graphic design services I offered. 

I decided to move the business to offer brand strategy and design under the business name of Brand by Katie.

After surviving the pandemic (and home-schooling!) I decided in the summer of 2021 that it was time to rebrand the business and Keppel Leopard was born. 

Female Entrepreneurs have so much to give, and if I can help them get there then I've done my job.

Our Values


With your skills and knowledge you deserve to charge your worth. You've earned it. Don't be pressured into lowering your prices just because others do not see your value. And in turn, respect others and do not expect discounts or freebies.


There is room for everyone to succeed and when they do they should be celebrated. 


Everyone has the right to ask for help, and it's okay that some may need more help than others.


Continual learning means we are exposed to new ideas and opinions. Learning helps us communicate better with each other, consider and respect the opinions of others even if we do not agree.


Bully, harassment, prejudice and racism of any kind has no room in today's society.