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About Keppel Leopard Creative.

Lover of all things creative, re-runs of The Bold Type, Umbrella Academy and Harry Potter, currently borrowing way too many books* from the library and having a brew.

*current number is 9...

1:1 Services

Helping you tell your story.

Telling engaging stories is my background. For over 10 years I have worked in roles that create engaging experiences and stories - events, animation, theatre, film and TV. 

And that's what branding is: telling your story and creating an identity that shows who you truly are.

I created Keppel Leopard Creative to embrace the real you. They say a leopard never changes it's spots, well you shouldn't either. 

Image by Jamakassi

Helping you find your identity.

Everyone has an identity. But as a woman, our identities are usually decided for us: how we should look, how we should act, how we should speak

But when we take the step to become business owners, suddenly we're in charge of creating our own identity.

And that's the reason why I specialise in brand identities for female entrepreneurs. 

I know how it feels to try and create your identity on your own, especially when your main focus is to make an impact and not necessarily to pay investors and shareholders. 

I help you create a brand that puts you at the heart: the heart of your business, and the heart of your audience's minds.

Helping you!

I want you to have the brand of your dreams. So when we work together that is my mission.

Everything is designed from scratch and bespoke to you. And whilst I may challenge your thoughts and opinions it's your brand - so you can guarantee there will be nothing that you do not love.

Brand identities are valuable, so everything we discuss and create is strictly confidential until you're ready to show it off. 

And for me communication is key - I provide weekly updates on your project and continue to stay in touch well after we finish (seriously, I message my past clients all the time with branding advice!)

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