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About Keppel Leopard Creative.

Embrace the spots, create an impact. Keppel Leopard Creative is empowering female-led businesses to show their true identity.

Why we do it.

We know how ambitious and determined female entrepreneurs are (our founder is one!) and we're sure that you're no different. 

You want success, you want to inspire others and you want to be a leading voice and make an impact. 

Why shouldn't you? 

But here's the thing, for female-led businesses our entrepreneurial journey is not equal. We don't get the same opportunities for funding, we work late in the night and early in the morning around childcare, and we have to fight to be seen as the boss of our businesses. 

Just because we're women. 

Identity changes this narrative. Identity allows female-led businesses like yours to be noticed and to be taken seriously. We need more women at the top, and here at Keppel Leopard Creative we want to make that happen for you. 

What Strategy do you need to make your brand stand out?

Overwhelmed with the amount of things you HAVE to do to make your Brand awesome? Take our one-minute quiz and get YOUR strategy straight to your inbox!

What we Do.

Keppel Leopard Creative is on a mission to help female-led businesses get in front of their audience in a business online world. 

We know that you have TONs of ideas floating around your head, so we take all of those and help you make sense of them all. 

We nail down that audience experience, keeping them engaged with how you speak and what you share simply and naturally which makes them come back for more.

Those all-important visuals: logos, websites (We're a WiX partner too!) promotional material, social media templates, ANYTHING that represents you are created completely bespoke to you. 

In a nutshell, we work with you to be seen and heard and help more people (and get paid for it too!)

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Meet the Team at Keppel Leopard Creative.

Katie Cope

Founder, Brand Strategist & Designer at Keppel Leopard Creative.

Katie has an extensive background in creating engaging stories and visuals through her experience in events, animation, theatre, film & TV. 

She founded Keppel Leopard Creative at 7 months pregnant, and after 3 re-brands she leads the business as it is today. 

Katie is incredibly passionate about female entrepreneurship and women's rights. She was a delegate for the UN's Women's Conference in 2023, and is a mentor for The Girls' Network charity. 

Katie is a mum, Filipino-british, and is neurodiverse. 


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