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About KLC

At Keppel Leopard we love being creative, watching re-runs of Harry Potter, being obsessed with Umbrella Academy, borrowing too many* books from the library and having a brew.

*current number is 7...

The Branding Agency for Female Entrepreneurs

It's not all about the money and awards with you. Instead, your aim is to help your clients achieve their goals and dreams. 

Keppel Leopard was created out of a need to provide a branding agency that understood how women run their businesses. 

We specialise in blending your personality and professionalism together, so you can be confident and visible online.

Picture of library with a row of bookshelves filled with books reaching to the ceiling with bulb lighting hanging down over the gap between the shelves.

We're not your typical agency.

Our background is in events, theatre, Animation, TV & Film. And whilst that's an unusual background for a branding agency it means that we can do something incredibly well:

We can tell stories.

And stories -your story - is an incredibly powerful way to be heard through the noise of the internet. 

Keppel Leopard's Approach

At the heart of any business is you.

You've created it, had sleepless nights over it, argued with it, made up with it, loved it.


So you need to be at the heart of your brand. 

And we know this is "out of your comfort-zone" stuff, but every step of the way we are with you: supporting you, guiding you, helping you and being your number 1 cheerleader!

We don't follow trends or viral ideas here, instead we embrace originality and uniqueness - and that only comes from being nurtured over a long period of time. 

Image of old film reels on a background of stills from films with a vintage, faded, sepia background.

We want to give you a voice.

Did you know that in the UK only 2% of female led businesses get invested in? So Katie and KLC have made it their goal to increase this number to 50%.

Because when we help female entrepreneurs succeed in business it means that women get a bigger, louder voice:

A voice that promotes the benefits of flexible working so more women have the choice to return to work.

A voice that shows that we are worth every penny and deserve to be paid the same as our male colleagues.

A voice that creates safer and inclusive spaces not just for women but for everyone in society.


Hey, Katie here!

I'm the founder of Keppel Leopard Creative. My background is in Animation, events, theatre film & TV and so telling stories - written and visual - is something I love doing.

KLC started because I want female entrepreneurs to have the same opportunities for success as male entrepreneurs. As females we are at a significant disadvantage in pay, investment and opportunities that can grow our businesses or advance our careers. 

I know first hand these disadvantages after being made redundant at 7 months pregnant. 

And branding allows me to help female entrepreneurs get those opportunities; to tell their story and use their expertise to change society. 

So KLC now specialises in branding female entrepreneurs. We listen to what you want and work with you. 

A picture of Katie Cope the Founder of Keppel Leopard Creative Branding Agency. She is of south Asian decent wearing green glasses and a jumper that has leopard print in different colours of red, green, pink, and purple.

How to tell your brand story.

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