About Us

In everything we do, our aim is to help women in business succeed on their own terms.

Keppel Leopard Creative was founded in 2019 and was initially named Brand by Katie, Its new name represents something incredibly close to our founder's heart: 

You should never need to change who you are to be successful. 

We provide branding services to female-led businesses. We believe that the USP of any business is you:

The one that had the guts to start a business.

The one that saw injustice and decided to do something about it.

The one that knew that there were other ways to do things, or alternative products to offer.

We want our clients to be confident and in control of the business and image that they publicise.

Our Approach

We create brands by using our brand design skills and experience within the performing arts industry. 

This combination has allowed us to create powerful, emotive brands that engages and attracts the dream audience that our client's desire - allowing them to raise their prices, work with some of the largest branding retailers in the world and regularly selling out. 

The reason behind our name:

A Leopard never changes it's spots...and neither should you.

As women we get given a lot of our identities (mum, auntie, sister, house manager, taxi-driver to name a few!) and whilst we may love these, working out who WE are can be difficult. 

We believe that you don't have to change or hide who you really are to succeed in business - despite what the Guru's and countless online coaches may say. 

You can succeed being 100% YOU. 

And that is what we do with our clients. We help them create a brand identity that truly represents who they are, that they are confident about publicising, that they are in complete control of. 

Our Core Values


We believe that everyone is an individual and they should be treated as such. Our services are created to help our clients become confident with their own individuality. 


We believe that equality is key to a more balanced and fairer society. Whilst the majority of our specialism is helping female entrepreneurs, we also help and welcome those in other minority groups to work with us and access our resources.


Communication is key to our services: discussing our vision and listening to our clients' needs and wants. We never push our clients into a position where they feel uncomfortable and unconfident. 

About our Founder

Katie Cope
Mum, Wife, Staffy Owner, Mentor, British, Filipina,  Brand Strategist & Designer

Katie started the business in 2019 after she was made redundant from her full-time position at 7 months pregnant. 

Her initial business was to offer graphic design services to small businesses, however, she realised that the impact her clients wanted could not be achieve by just design work alone. 

After the birth of her youngest, Katie moved her business to offer branding services to small businesses under the name Brand by Katie. 

The relaxation of restrictions after the Global Pandemic allowed Katie to review the business and decided that she wanted the business to help female entrepreneurs on a global scale.

In August 2021 Katie changed the Company name to Keppel Leopard Creative an began to specialise in helping female business owners who had not only been severely impacted by the pandemic, but also faced challenges at every stage of their business journey. 


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