Everything you need to create an impactful brand all in one service

P.O.A | 6 - 12 months (approx.) 

Our Bespoke Service is for female entrepreneurs whose business is no longer classed as "small". You have a team of dedicated staff who are working with you to create the impact that you want in the world. 

The only way is up. 

You need a brand that is going to really present your business as the professional entity it is.

Whatever you need, you get

Bespoke is just that - bespoke.

With this service you will get everything you need to create that clear, controlled and confident brand for your business. 

Our first stage will be travelling to your location: meeting you in person and learning about your team and your processes. Through this we can audit your current brand and discuss with you what you want to achieve with your business. 

We will then start the process of creating the brand that you want. Our team will conduct in person and online interviews with potential dream clients to ensure that your brand is going to instantly connect with them. We will conduct the competitor research and really establish those main elements of your brand: story, core values, vision and mission. 

With your design work we will create everything that you need to connect with your dream client - online and offline. 

We will then create a bespoke strategy to help launch your brand. We will provide training to your staff to understand the brand and its ethos so that everyone is clear on what the business now represents. Whilst you launch your brand we will also be on call to help and provide guidance as and when you need it. 

Throughout this process your opinion is the one that matters. We will ensure that we have regular communication with you throughout the process (online or in person) and completely transparent in everything we do.