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Brand Booster

Got stuck working on your branding? Get a free Brand Booster session to get you going again. 

Working on your branding can be fun, rewarding...and sometimes down right challenging! But if you've got to the stage where you're going around in circles then our Brand Booster session may be right for you.

Our Brand Booster sessions are completely free and last for 15 minutes over Google Meet. During the session you will chat to Katie and establish the ONE area that you are stuck on, and help you get the next 3 steps you need to take to get going again. 

"Katie really knows what she's talking about. She offered many tips and she's very generous with her time. It was definitely an eye opening session and there was a lot she left me to think about. It's easy to communicate with her and she has so much experience that there's so much I still want to learn from her. I look forward to booking the next session with her. "

Sonia | SO-NAY

To book your session just use the calendar below and we'll speak soon!

PS: Just so you know, these Brand Booster Session are limited each month, therefore only book this session if you're really ready to action those next 3 steps for your branding. 

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