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Make people know EXACTLY who you are and what you do in a Branding Programme bespoke to your needs.

The 6-Month Branding Programme.

An awesome brand identity bursting full of personality!

We love seeing female founders embracing their true identity and confidently stepping out into the spotlight - and we want you to be one of them!

We know that not everyone enjoys handing over the creative reins to someone else (where's the fun in that?!) So our branding programme helps you get the brand you absolutely LOOOOVE fitted around you and your business. 

And this is not just like any Branding Programme. This programme is specifically created for female-led business branding.

Filming a Video

Three Steps to amazing Branding

  1. FOCUS: Using the KLC Branding Framework you'll identify the areas of your brand that you need to prioritise.

  2. LEARN: Through our training resources for female-led business branding, you'll learn how to create an uh-maz-ing brand at your own pace and in your control. You'll also get monthly mastermind calls to ask questions and keep you accountable.

  3. CONTROL: After 6-months you will have a brand that you're confident about shouting from the rooftops and that you absolutely adore!

The Benefits of the 6-month Branding Programme.

  • Join when it's the right time for you: no waiting for the Programme to "Open". 

  • Fit the programme around your life and business. 

  • LOADS of support and cheerleading along the way (honestly I'll be your biggest supporter!)

  • A safe space to try things out without the entire world watching you. 

  • Expert advice that is bespoke to your business is just a message away.

  • Get help with other areas of your business with our monthly guest workshops. 

  • Exclusive offers and discounts to really get your brand powered up!

Cost & Payment Options

TOTAL COST: £300.00 ex. VAT

Pay in full and get 10% off (£270.00 ex.VAT)

Split into x6 equal monthly payments of £50.00 ex. VAT

Image by Marissa Grootes

Come to our FREE Info Webinar, Thursday 5th September, 8.00 pm GMT

The 6-month Branding Programme is launching in September, and we would love for you to come along to our FREE Info webinar on Thursday 5th September, 8.00pm GMT. I'll show you what to expect in the Programme, and you can decide if the Programme is right for you.

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