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Is Branding Really Necessary?

Take our Brand Quiz and find out whether branding is really necessary for you and your business.

Is branding really necessary?

Well of course I'm going to say always, but whether it's necessary to focus on it RIGHT NOW is another matter. 

For branding to REALLY work certain parts of your business have to be at least 85% established first: what services you offer and who to. 

The problem with focusing on your branding when you're not ready is you're likely to be changing it in the next few months when your business inevitably evolves which is going to cost more time, more money and more frustration as you wait for it to establish itself (fyi brand changes usually take at least 12 weeks to "bed in").

When will I know if branding is necessary for my business?

Which is a good question. After all, everything in your business is a "priority", when should you really prioritise branding?

This is why I created the Brand Quiz which will tell you whether NOW is the right time to work on your branding. It asks your 3 questions, and at the end it will tell you whether it is necessary for you to work on your branding or not. 

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