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The Happiest Retailer on the Planet

Launching a business in the middle of a pandemic. How the International Retail Academy Brand was created.

The Happiest Retailer on the Planet

Brand Identity


Website Design

After being made redundant from her retail position, Kayleigh wanted to start her own business in the retail industry and needed an image to launch her company.

After 1 year of business The International Retail Academy is going from strength to strength. Kayleigh has worked with some of the top retail brands in the world and has helped over 200 people get the job in retail they want.

I worked with Kayleigh to create a strong and clear brand identity that could be recognised globally.

I first started talking to Kayleigh about creating a website for a part-time wellbeing business back in 2020. However, a few weeks after we started our discussion, Kayleigh was made redundant from her role in retail and decided that ultimately her heart and passion was in the Retail Industry.

Kayleigh is the happiest retailer on the planet. Her smile is infectious, and she was incredibly determined to start her own business. That determination continues to show as her business grows.

Kayleigh wanted to create a company that would help individuals into or within the Retail Industry. She wanted to reduce the stigma that you couldn’t have a career in retail, and she wanted to help others have the same success in the industry that she’d had. In the future she also wanted to offer workshops to retailers to help improve their teams and management.
We started by defining the Company’s brand strategy.

Kayleigh’s ultimate vision was for the Company to be internationally renowned which led to the name The International Retail Academy. Although there were Company’s that helped people into the retail industry, there were very few that specialised. Therefore, this gave Kayleigh a unique opportunity to really differentiate her Company.

Kayleigh chose the tagline: Learn, Grow, Succeed. We used this tagline to influence the final design of the logo: the 3 rings representing the tagline, and the I – for “International” – at the centre representing how central The International Retail Academy is to the Retail Industry.

For the brand colours Kayleigh liked blues and yellows so we included that in her overall brand palette. The rings we continued to echo in the social media templates to ensure that everything connected and complimented each other.

Kayleigh wanted the ability to be able to edit minor details on her website and therefore we chose WiX as the platform – this was more user friendly than other platforms and gave everything that Kayleigh needed to get her business up and running.