Digital Fixers

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Digital Fixers help small business owners navigate all the "techy" side of running a business including SEO and "Googlies" (their word, not mine!)

I have known the founders of Digital Fixers - Lesley and Nic - for a while now. We initially met at a networking meeting and have since had several other meetings mainly involving food and wine!

As their business began to grow Lesley and Nic wanted to have more bespoke branding - a lot of their visual designs came from Canva and they were noticing more and more people were using the same designs as them. 

Stylescape 1_300x-8.png

Lesley and Nic have incredible banter between each other, along with their caring, motherly nature towards their clients. Although their business is in the technical industry we decided on a more subtle approach to ensure they connected with their clients. So whilst they do have blues and greens seen regularly in the tech industry, pops of purples and lilacs also help move them away from the stereotypical and puts them in a position on their own. 

Icon elements for the Digital Fixers

Cog trio purple_300x-100.jpg
Side cogs violet_300x-100.jpg

Since working with the Digital Fixers they have really made an impact with their business. They have now trademarked their company and visuals as they realise how valuable their brand is to their business.