Expand your business with our flagship complete 1:1 branding service

From £2500 | 16 - 20 weeks (approx.) | Payment Plans Available

You are ready.

You are clear on what your business offers, and know exactly who your dream client is. Now all you need to do is pull it altogether to create an amazing business and brand. 

Expand is our most popular service. Leave all the work to us but be assured that we are going to have your best interests at heart. 

Our 3 C's process

The 3 C's is a process that is unique to Keppel Leopard Creative and is to give you clarity, creativity and confidence in your brand.


We will deep dive into your business and your brand, learning what drives you and what you want your business to achieve. Through this work we will create a strategy that truly represents you and feels right. 


Once we have clarified your brand story and message we will ensure that the visual side promotes this. If you have a logo already we can redesign or refresh it, we will also create you a website and social media templates to keep you consistent. 


We want you to feel confident about presenting your brand to the world. We will create a guide for you to refer to whenever you need a reminder how to present your brand.


Let's book a call in to chat. 

Our 15 minute Begin Branding calls allows you to find out more about us, and for us to ensure that we can help you. 

If this all goes well we will book in a longer call to chat about what you, your business and goals and outline a strategy of what needs to happen to succeed. 

Making branding accessible

We know that branding is an investment in your business. We offer payment plans to help you spread the cost of this service. You can pay monthly, in 3 or 6 instalments.