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Members Directory

Our members run incredible businesses across the world and support the equity of female entrepreneurs. Members can be contacted but please be mindful of the following:


Connections first, Clients second

We are here to connect with other business owners. Spammy sales pitches goes entirely against our Company ethos and you will be banned from the members areas if you do so. Get to know people first and don't see everyone as a potential client. 


Respect Service Prices

Whilst having a cheeky haggle is okay, when a business owner says no, it's a no. These businesses have put in a lot of time and money to get the level of experience and knowledge that they have, don't insult them by expecting it for free. 

Respect each other

You may disagree with someone here and you are 100% entitled to your opinion, but so are they. Health debates are encouraged but we have a zero tolerance to bullying and harassment in our communities. Keppel Leopard will have the final say in any grievances that are brought to our attention.