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5 Reasons to Invest in Professional Business Branding

Not sure if now is the right time to invest in professional business branding? Here are 5 reasons why you should.

A woman stands in the centre of the picture. She has blonde hair and has a white t-shirt with yellow lollypop pattern on it. She wear blue dungarees with only one strap done up. She is looking at an LP - behind her are shelves and case of LPs

I get asked this question a lot: "When is the right time to invest in my business branding?" And I get it; it's not something that you want to pay for, then have to change a few months down the line.

The answer - as you'll expect - is going to be different for everyone. It's dependent on multiple factors including where you are in your business, and what your aspirations are.

Here at Keppel Leopard Creative, we use the following 5 reasons to help decide whether you're at the right to invest in our Done-For-You Branding Service.

One: You want to go for Bigger and Better Opportunities.

If you've got aspirations to be a keynote speaker or want to stand on that big red spot at a TED talk, then investing in a professional business brand will help increase those opportunities.

When you apply for these speaking slots you'll be asked to provide a media pack. In this pack you will need to include details about your business including your background. This is where professional branding can help you look and feel professional - from the photographs you provide to the brand story you present.

Two: Branding is just one hat too many.

You don't have to try and be an expert in all areas of your business. And branding can be one of them. By having to learn and focus on creating a professional brand, you are taking time away from your business and your actual area of expertise.

Branding is not a quick fix: here at KLC our service lasts 8 or 16 weeks (dependent on what suits your cashflow!) and then it takes another 3 months for a rebrand to be established.

Three: You're 90%+ certain about the services you offer and the people you want to work with.

Branding influences all aspects of your business: from the services you offer to the people you decide to outsource or employ. So being clear on your business is vital before your go down the professional business branding route.

Being unclear whilst completing your branding can be costly as you'll need to redo it a few months later.

Four: You want to find your own space.

We believe that everyone has a space in their industry - but so often we copy our competition: their colour palettes, the content pillars, their font choices. And when we do all we're doing is blending in.

And it can feel scary putting yourself out there to be seen. But with a professional brand you're in control of that image and narrative.

Five: You're ready to invest in your business for another 10+ years

Good business branding should only have minor tweaks to it each year to react to audience changes. So if you're investing in your branding, you have to be sure that your business is going to be around for 10 years or more for the investment to be worth it.

If you're nodding along to these 5 reasons then it may be time to consider investing in your business branding.


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