Fixing the Fixers: Brand Design Case Study

How the Digital Fixers went from using the same Canva creations as everyone else, to their own unique brand design.

The Digital Fixers realised that the Canva elements that they used to identify their business were being used by other business. This was restricting their visibility online especially on social media.

They wanted a brand design that was unique to them, yet still reflected their business and personality.

Keppel Leopard Creative worked with them to create their unique brand that is instantly recognisable online and offline.

If you ever watch Lesley and Nic live you will notice how truly infectious their personality is. Bold, loud and honest, they have built an incredible business over the last 3 years teaching SMEs all the mind-boggling tech that some tech guru would charge £1000s for.

There are very little businesses that do what Lesley and Nic do, and so this unique business, along with their own unique style of teaching needed to be ingrained in their brand.

As a new business, the Fixers had been using a beautiful colourful geometric template from Canva to present their content. It reflected their personalities and also the tech element to their business. Unfortunately, many other businesses felt it represented them too and so when Lesley and Nic came to me they were frustrated that their brand was being diluted due to the lack of originality. They wanted something unique, and ultimately something they could trademark to protect their business.

Even though I have known Lesley and Nic since the beginning of my own business, I wanted to really get to know who they were and their business. Our online discussion took me through their business in depth, and through this I was able to pull out details that would really enhance their brand but would also align with who they are.

In terms of visuals, I already had a good idea of what the Fixers would love, but – as with all my clients – I wanted to present them something that potentially they would never have thought of. They got 3 visuals of how the visual side of brand could look, with the opportunity to edit or change elements if they wished.

Lesley and Nic really wanted to make reference to the “fixing” area of their business, so we included tools into the logo and in their brand but use a pixilated design to allude to the tech.

A few months after the initial launch of their brand the Fixers were back. They wanted their brand to be “Bee themed”. This would allow them to connect some of their services together and as a Greater Manchester based business it was a great link for the business.

My research found them the perfect bee: the Carpenter Bee. Not only is the female Carpenter Bee the one that calls the shots, but also it had variations of blue and purple – the exact colours of the Digital Fixer’s Branding.

The result was a truly unique brand that was instantly recognisable, that no one could copy, but completely celebrated who they were.