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How did a Brand Identity help over Christmas?

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Why having a Brand Identity gave me the break I needed from my business.

For the last two weeks I realise I haven't been consistent on social media, if at all present. I haven't sent any emails to my followers, posted in my group or created new content over the Christmas period.

And you know what? I've loved it.

At the end of last year I needed a break. I needed to take time to be with my family (one of the many reasons why I became self employed) and just step away from being "visible".

But as a business owner stepping out of the spotlight can be daunting.

There is always that fear of missing out on a potential sale - and considering the last couple of years the amount of income can make or break a business. There is also the concern that people will forget who we are. We are bombarded with content constantly and if we aren't part of that how will our followers and customers remember who we are?

Whilst these are all very valid reasons, for me it was actually an easy decision to make when I shut my business for the Christmas period. And that's because I know my Brand Identity will be working whilst I'm off enjoying a mince pie.

How my Brand Identity gave me free time

Since the rebrand of my business I have been working to ensure that people remembered it.

This ranged from being on podcasts like this one to posting consistent branded content and messaging on social media.

By Christmas time my Brand Identity was solidly placed in people's minds that taking 2 weeks wouldn't damage my business.

How to be remembered for Christmas 2022

If you want to take a well earned break from your business for Christmas 2022 here are 3 things you can do to help:

  1. Consistency is Key: From what colours you are using (being "sort of" close to the right colour won't work!) to the tone of voice you are using being consistent helps your followers get to know who you are and what to expect from you. If you are unsure whether your brand has consistency why not check out my Brand Assessment service to help you.

  2. Build a relationship with your customers: This is one of the advantages that smaller businesses have over bigger businesses. When you have a relationship with your customers they will be loyal to you and your business - even if you take a couple of weeks off.

  3. Be clear with your customers: Telling them when you are closing and when you are reopening your business sets their expectations to look out for you when you return in the New Year.


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