What is a Branding Strategy?

Updated: Apr 19

Stationery and laptop laid out on a flat surface as the cover photo for the blog What is a Brand Strategy by Keppel Leopard Creative

Find out what exactly is a branding strategy, what it includes, and why as a female business owner you need to establish it.

Branding Strategy is one of the two parts that make up a full brand identity. The strategy side is the most important part of your brand because the elements within it help connect your business with your clients at an emotional level. By engaging your clients in this way, they can become loyal customers; not only buying from you repeatedly but also recommending your services to others.

Why do you need a branding strategy as a female business owner?

Nowadays we have become much more savvy when it comes to buying.

Gone are the days of Mad Men sales tactics where the bigger and louder adverts got the sales. As consumers we look deeper at our purchases: does the business we buy from align with our values? Do they reflect who we are? Do they reflect who we want to be?

Having a clear and comprehensive branding strategy can help show prospective clients these areas. It means that you no longer need to compete against any algorithm on social media, because you are going to be attracting your clients' regardless.

What do you need for an amazing branding strategy?

For an amazing branding strategy you need to be clear on the following areas:

Brand Story

Your brand story tells your clients how and why you formed your business. As humans we are more engaged in stories than hard data because for centuries this is how we passed down information from generation to generation.


I call this your "rulebook" and it is the way that you run your business and what you like and dislike. Your values are also how your clients can work out if they trust you therefore values should be things that you do on a day-to-day basis, and not made up to attract your clients.

BIG Vision & WORKING Mission

Your BIG vision tells your clients what you are aiming for. This can be as unrealistic as you want but by telling your clients your vision, they know where you are taking your business and allows them to join you on the journey if they wish.

Your WORKING mission is the stepping stones towards your vision which you will achieve each year in your business.


The 12 brand archetypes were created by Carl Jung and are a way of identifying certain characteristics that can give your business a persona. Each persona has a different drive, fear and even responds to different colours and tone of voice.

Dream Client

Guess what? YOU get to choose who you work with, not the other way around! But to do this you need to learn who you want to work with. This means getting to really understand your client including their likes, dislikes, and where they are likely to be.

Many businesses struggle with niching to a particular client as it can feel like you are cutting out potential buyers. But understanding one type of client will make it easier to create any marketing strategies and messaging as you know that it will engage the type of clients you want.


As a business owner your aim is to offer a product or service in a way that no one else can. But to find out if you do you have to research your competitors.

This is not a comparison exercise, but really getting to understand what your competitors' strengths and weaknesses are.

Tone of Voice

Talking to your clients in the way they like and understand is going to help you engage them effectively (this is why the niching bit is important!) Some businesses use more formal type of language whereas some are more casual.

By establishing these areas of your branding strategy you are well on your way to creating an engaging brand identity!