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Why Keppel Leopard Creative is not on Social Media

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

So if you have found yourself here it's probably because you tried to follow me on social media.

But the truth is....Keppel Leopard Creative is not on social media.

Social Media Awkardness...

When I started the business back in 2019 social media was the first place I went to start generating leads and get clients. I was part of multiple groups and I had a group, a page...the whole sh-bang!

And it worked, for a while - especially during the pandemic when no one was allowed within 10 feet of each other.

But I always felt a bit uncomfortable. I am not one for telling people about my daily life, nor do I have daily words of wisdom that my audience could take (quality, not quantity). And the problem is that is what social media wants you to do.

For me, I enjoy meeting people. I like taking the time to get to know them and if I can help, I will.

I couldn't do that on social media.

Every time someone entered my messages my immediate thought was "what are you trying to sell me?" (and 9 times out of 10 I was right).

Pitching became a race to the bottom as we undercut each other to make a sale.

And the amount of content that I needed to make for my group (just for no one to see it) was taking up so much time to get little to no leads.

So I made a decision: to move the business off Social media and use other methods to connect with female entrepreneurs like you.

I started working with Viv Guy - she specialises in marketing without social media and is ace at what she does.

Coming off Social Media

My first big decision came when I closed my Facebook Group - The Leap. It was a small group and I loved helping them with their branding. But if you have a group like me you will know how much content it requires to keep going, and for me I knew that I could help my audience in other ways.

I also stopped posting on my Facebook Page, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Over summer it was bliss!

I didn't have to send out any posts telling people I was away, nor announcing I was back.

I didn't have to spend hours scheduling content whilst I was on holiday so the algorithm didn't "forget me".

I didn't feel pressured to be posting things to show people "my life".

And so (after a couple of months of fannying around) I continued the removal and deactivated my Facebook Page, LinkedIn and the KLC Instagram profile.

How to find me off social media

So if you are wondering "but how do I find you now?" Then here are the ways you can do it:

1) Look at the website as you will find pretty much all the information that you need to know about me and Keppel Leopard Creative.

2) Book a call with me - especially if you are ready to prioritise your branding and want to see how I work.

3) Drop me an email and ask to meet (this is especially if you are in the Greater Manchester Area).

4) Come and meet me at a networking event - My go to are Enterprising You and Inspire and Connect Manchester.

The only way that I can help you and other female entrepreneurs is to get to know you. And off social media is, for me, the way to do it.


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