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Hey! It's Katie from Keppel Leopard Creative.

Thank you for requesting your free download, keep an eye out for it as it should be landing into your inbox in the next couple of minutes.

This resource will show you how branding can enhance your marketing. But, if you are a business service provider (think coaches, copywriters, social media managers and tech) who are looking to book £5ks worth of clients every month by attracting higher paying clients, but need help getting their attention then I would love to invite you to a free, 15 minute Branding Booster session with me. 

In this session we'll:

1. Discuss what is working/ not working in your business.

2. Identify ONE gap in your branding.

3. Create a 3-step plan to close that gap.

So use the calendar on this page to book your Branding Booster session now. 

So why am I giving away my time like this? 

Because when people close just one gap in their branding, they want to continue working with us to close all of them. If this is you, amazing. If this is not you that's okay too - you will still get a plan on how to improve one area of your branding for you to implement yourself. 

Here's the thing though. Only book a session if you're ambitious, an action taker and ready to prioritise your branding now. 

Ready? Choose a date and time and I'll see you on our zoom call.

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