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Fixing the Fixers

How we helped the Digital Fixers stand out with bespoke branding.


Branding Strategy
Logo Design
Social Media Templates
Iconography Design


  • Nic and Lesley help businesses with their tech. As they used Canva, Nic and Lesley were finding many of the designs they used to market themselves were being used by other businesses.

  • We did a rebrand of their business including logo and social media templates that was bespoke to them.

  • Nic and Lesley are now able to stand out online and know that their brand is recognisable wherever they go.

Branding Guidelines

Nic and Lesley have an amazing, infectious personality which can be best seen when you watch them present live. Both are massive geeks (they won’t mind me saying that!) when it comes to all things tech and there are plenty of times when I’ve “broken the internet” that they have helped me out.

The biggest thing for Nic and Lesley was ensuring that the visual side of their brand was different from anyone else. Whilst they setup the business, they used Canva created graphics, however it was become very apparent that many businesses used the same content.

When it came to visual side of things, Nic and Lesley wanted to appeal to their current clients where they teach tech skills, and also higher paying clients who just wanted things done for them.

We created a brand that balanced the two out and gave them enough flexibility to still play with their visuals whilst staying on brand.

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