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Pilates, but a Little Stonger

How we moved Julia from the studio to online


Branding Strategy
Logo Design
Iconography Design
Website Design
Document Design
Social Media Templates
Course Branding


  • Julia wanted to move her Physio Pilates business online and needed to update her branding to stand out from other Physio and Pilates businesses.

  • She wanted a brand that was fresh with a slight modern edge, but it’s visuals and wording to be warm and gentle.

  • We did a full rebrand of her business including logo, website design, social media templates and for her online course platform.

  • Julia was able to launch her business online without reducing any of the experience that her clients get when she’s with them in the studio.

Branding Guidelines

Julia became a qualified physiotherapist in the 80s after being inspired by a game of wheelchair basketball.

Recently, Julia decided that she would like to move to a different area and therefore would no longer provide in-studio sessions to her clients. Instead, she would move her business online and deliver courses on 3 levels ranging from beginners to advanced.

When she first started her Physio Pilates business (a mixture of Physiotherapy and Pilates) she had little to no competitors, therefore marketing and branding was not a priority. However, with the move onto the online space Julia realised that it would be important to have a refresh of her brand to help her business stand out.

A big priority for Julia was to ensure that her clients would get the same experience as they did when they attended her in-studio sessions.

So, pulling on my dinosaur leggings off I went to take part in a Physio Pilates class! This allowed us to understand the atmosphere and the experience that Julia wanted to create online.

Julia has four types of clients: Catherine, Lorraine, Richard and Oliver. With these four clients we were able to identity who would be mostly likely to use the online sessions and target the branding to them accordingly.

We also identified brands that Julia liked and disliked, to ensure that visually we were presenting her designs that she would really love.

The final design emphasises shape and movement – something that PhysioPilates does for the body. The colours we used are warm and inviting and the entire brand feels refreshed and modern.

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