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The Happiest Retailer

How we created a brand for the Happiest Retailer on the Planet


Branding Strategy
Logo Design
Social Media Templates
Website Design


  • Kayleigh was starting new business and needed a full brand to launch it.

  • We created a brand that allowed her to attract new clients and prospects to her business including logo design, website design and social media templates.

  • She is now working with some of the top retailer brands in the world and has helped many people secure jobs in the retail sector.

Branding Guidelines

It is unusual for us to take on a project when the business is brand new. But there was something different about Kayleigh.

Kayleigh is the happiest retailer on the planet, and after she was made redundant during the pandemic, her vision drive to setup her business was too good an opportunity to miss!

The International Retail Academy is one of a kind: a business that helps individuals secure jobs in the retail sector and helps improve the management and teamwork in retailers.

Kayleigh wanted a brand that ensured the business was presented professionally to both these different clients. She loved yellow and blue, so we included this in her branding colours along with alternative colours for flexibility.

The rings around her logo represent her tagline: Learn, Grow, Succeed with the ‘ I’ being at the centre of it all like a lighthouse.

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