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Brand Assessment


Find out how to enhance your brand with a full review of your online presence. 


Why invest in a Brand Assessment?

An assessment of your brand is a great way to find out whether your business is connecting with your customers. Over time the needs and wants of your customers will change, and ensuring that your business continues to serve them is important to keep that loyalty. 

The Brand Assessment reviews the entire of your online presence and will show you where you can improve your brand and opportunities to enhance it further. 

What's Included

  • Full assessment of your online presence.

  • Digital document detailing the assessment and opportunities to enhance your brand.

  • 1 hour review call to go over the assessment and to ask for further advice.



"It absolutely blew my mind.


When you're a business owner, out there on your own doing 'all the things', it's impossible to get everything right. Things get missed and, dare I say it, even messy when it comes to branding and messaging.


Katie highlighted areas that I had overlooked and that were potentially confusing to my clients and warm leads. She identified multiple areas for improvement, across my web presence and suggested how those areas could benefit from change. She didn't just point out the improvements needed either, she also highlighted the good - which is exceptionally useful because I can emulate that success across my site and social media presence.


Thank you Katie, for providing an invaluable service to my business that will impact the experience my clients have."