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The Green Room.

Become part of an awesome all-female community, who want nothing more than to help others whilst being 100% themselves.


We're a Community of Cheerleaders, not Competitors.

The Green Room is KLC's online all-female community of ambitious entrepreneurs. We believe that there is room for everyone, and we're driven by our passion for helping others, not making so much money we could go into space!

We know the rollercoaster that is business ownership, and even though we're all on different journeys, our community has members who bring an amazing array of skills, experience, knowledge that everyone is willing to share. 


What our members are like...

They're passionate about getting things right.

They don't want to offend anyone, they don't want to hurt anyone, and all they want is the best for everyone. 

They value knowledge and learning.

They want to have the most up-to-date knowledge because it means they can help their audience better. 


They're super ambitious.

They want to become leaders so that they can help create change to live in a more balanced society.


They want everyone to feel at home.

They make space for others to be themselves without judgement and approach conversations with curiosity and respect.

A Community that lets you find out who you truly are.

The Green Room is a community where you can be yourself.

Many of our members (including me!) come from backgrounds where they couldn't be themselves, where they had to hide to fit in. 

So it can be incredibly daunting showing the "real you" to the world as a business owner. 

In The Green Room we let our members try things out, find their boundaries and help them feel confident in their own abilities. 

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What You Get...

  • A safe, all-female community that encourages you to be yourself!

  • Members meetups to chat and network that are held twice a month.

  • A live branding workshop every single month voted by members with replay access.

  • Member-only branding services and discounts.

  • Self-paced Brand Identity learning resources.

  • WhatsApp Chat Group.



"People are really lovely, informative supportive and have good ideas. Meeting people online is a bit daunting but it was actually okay."

Experience The Community for 90 days, free.

We want you to know that The Green Room Community is right for you. So, we invite you to join us for 90 days, completely free, to experience the Community for yourself.

If you love being here, you can subscribe for £10 a month or £120 a year. 

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