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The Green Room 

Increase your visibility, revenue and impact with branding.

Get a brand that instantly engages your audience!

The Green Room Membership is the place to be if you want to learn how to create an awesome and engaging brand for you and your business. 

You'll be taken through KLC's unique branding framework helping you find, create and embrace your true identity.

All in an online, safe and supportive all-female community!

Image by Vonecia Carswell

Be FIRST in line when The Green Room Relaunches in September!

The Green Room membership is being relaunched in September with more resources, more ways to connect and more ways to promote your business!

To get exclusive sneak peeks and to join the conversation shaping the new membership put your details in above!



"People are really lovely, informative supportive and have good ideas. Meeting people online is a bit daunting but it was actually okay."

Image by Vonecia Carswell

Our Full Keppel Membership includes


No more searching for the right branding advice for your business! I'll be supporting you so you can get the brand you want.


From how to tell a brand story that makes your audience sit up and listen, to how to design a high-converting website, you'll get access to monthly branding workshops to help you create your brand.


Our awesome learning space means you can learn at your own pace not just branding, but also business expertise from other members.



Let me answer your burning branding questions through our monthly mastermind calls and get truly supported by other members.



Really take your branding to the next level with the option to get brand mentoring from me (not available outside of the membership!)

£50 A MONTH | £540 A YEAR (10% OFF)

Get the Brand you want in 6 months!

Imagine being able to raise your prices, selling out your products daily, and being asked to share your expertise as an industry expert. 

Those are just some of the incredible wins that my clients have had after working with me and using the KLC Branding Framework!


This is the EXACT framework used for KLCs Brand Identity. 

Image by Meghan Lamle

Urgh! But isn't it just another membership?!

Absolutely not! The Green Room Membership was created to help female founders succeed in business. We want more women to be in decision making roles! 

Here's how we're different:

You ACTUALLY get to talk about business!

There's none of this "promo day" nonsense where you only get to talk about your business once a week when you remember! Everyone in The Green Room are business owners so why shouldn't you get to do business?!

No fears of not being visible

No need to apologise for "being on holiday" or "being busy". You'll get loads of opportunities to stay visible even when you're not as active. 


100% YOU!

No need to put your mask on here! The Green Room welcomes everyone and encourages you to be yourself and we're neurodivergent friendly!

Ready to Join?

Here's a reminder of what's included in your membership:

  • Access to a branding expert.

  • Live branding workshops.

  • Monthly mastermind calls.

  • Access to replays and self-paced learning.

  • Access Exclusive services.

  • A safe and supportive all-female community.

  • Opportunities to demonstrate your expertise.

£50 A MONTH | £540 A YEAR (10% OFF)


Frequently Asked Questions

Our Membership Options

Whatever your budget we want to allow all female founders to work on their brand identity. Check out our other membership options here. 

Free Member

Access the membership's free spaces.

  • Private community to connect, collaborate and learn about branding.

  • Monthly meetups with other members.

  • Individual profile for members to find and connect with you. 

Keppel Member

£50 a month | £540 yearly (10% off)

Everything in Free and Leap PLUS:

  • Exclusive Community Chat area only for Keppel Members to connect and collaborate.

  • Monthly Mastermind Calls.

  • Access to Live Workshops.

  • Exclusive services and discounts.

  • Opportunity to host Expert Member Workshops.

  • Opportunity to promote your business within the membership and on Katie's Social Channels. 

Leap Member

£10 a month | £108 yearly (10% off)

Everything in Free PLUS:

  • Access to our self-paced learning space: Branding for Female Founders & Expert Member Workshops.

  • Opportunity to promote your services in the Find an Expert area.

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