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Keppel Leopard Creative
Branding Agency.

Branding Strategy & Design Services for Female Entrepreneurs.

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Female Entrepreneurs are awesome...

You're creative, you're ambitious, you're tenacious. Even when things are stacked against you somehow you work it out. 

You've shrugged off the "So when are you getting a REAL job?!" comments from your Auntie Joan, juggle school runs between work and still step up even if when you're freaking out on the inside. 

Female entrepreneurs like you deserve to have an identity. You deserve to be in control of the impact you have on others and what you want to publicise to the world. 

You deserve to feel confident in your abilities (because you KNOW your stuff!) and you have every right to charge your worth. 

Here at Keppel Leopard Creative, we're all about cheerleading and championing the identities of female entrepreneurs. 

We know how scary it can be to put yourself out there, so our job is to help you feel comfortable, confident and in control of your identity.

What Strategy do you need to make your brand stand out?

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"Getting Katie on board to be part of my re-brand was a sound decision for me.


I knew she'd have the patience, creativity and understand to come up with ideas (I had non) and to deal effectively with my requests when I wanted to try things out after she sparked initial inspiration."

Jo | agoodwriteup

Image by Meghan Lamle

A Branding Agency for Female Entrepreneurs.

We know that Female Entrepreneurs like you run your businesses differently (and we should know, we're founded by one!)

Your focus is on helping others, not a trip to the moon. 

BUT, that doesn't mean you want to work for nothing either, and whilst you're happy to help this is your business, not a hobby. 

Here at Keppel Leopard, we embrace the different and the quirky - it makes the world a much more interesting place when we embrace who we truly are!

We're here to help you be the first name your clients think of when they need help, to need the help of a VA and Social Media Manager as your business flourishes, and not to worry about your card declining at the till - all done your way.


"...I felt completely calm and stress-free throughout the process and felt further security knowing that Katie was only a message a way...Incredible value for money and would highly, highly recommend her services!!"

Kayleigh | The International Retail Academy

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