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The Branding Agency for Female Entrepreneurs that turns your awesome ideas into an amazing brand.

Keppel Leopard Creative provides branding services for women entrepreneurs.

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From Vanilla Brand to Neapolitan with extra sprinkles!

You have a gorgeous personality and business, but when it comes to marketing yourself suddenly everything goes a bit...bland. 

You worry about offending someone with your opinions, you're overwhelmed with marketing strategies, and social media (bloody algorithm!) and feel like a fraud asking for money.


Beautiful ​female founder, I've got you! 

Here at KLC we're a branding agency for female entrepreneurs - we specialise in creating engaging brand identities for female-led businesses that shows off how awesome you really are!​​

Katie is standing at a lecturn, she is wearing a multicoloured skirt and black and white dogtooth top.

A Female-Led Branding Agency providing their services for women entrepreneurs.

From getting stuck into brand creation to getting it all done for you. Check out the different services we offer - all created specifically for female entrepreneurs brand identities. 

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"Getting Katie on board to be part of my re-brand was a sound decision for me.


I knew she'd have the patience, creativity and understand to come up with ideas (I had non) and to deal effectively with my requests when I wanted to try things out after she sparked initial inspiration."

Jo | agoodwriteup

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