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Image by Omar Lopez


Keppel Leopard Creative Branding Agency

A Branding Agency specialising in creating a professional and personal branding blend for female entrepreneurs.

A picture of a whitewashed wooden floor with 3 printed photographs with floral images on next to an old style, film camera which is placed on the left hand side of the image.


How to create a Professional Brand with Personality.

Wednesday 31st May 2023 | 8.00pm - 9.00pm

We specialise in branding for female entrepreneurs. 

Here at Keppel Leopard Creative Branding Agency we know that you're awesome at what you do. And you've worked so hard to prove that yes, you are a professional and run your own business. 

And now you're ready to help even more people - but how exactly do you reach them? Especially when the online space is so crowded.

Helping you find your own space is what we do best. We help you tell your story confidently and consistently so that you can grow your business.

A picture of old VHS tapes stacked on top of each other slightly faded to give a vintage look

Who we've worked with

The logo of Clare Thornley VA - a client of Keppel Leopard Creative's.
The logo of agoodwriteup which is a purple circle with the words "agoodwriteup" in white in the middle.
The logo of The International Retail Academy which is a a Yellow "I" in the centre of 3 yellow circles and the word "The International Retail Academy" on the Right hand side.
The Logo of the Digital Fixers client: The word Digital Fixers in green with the "I" from Digital and Fixers replaced with a spanner that has a pixilated end.
Image by Dariusz Sankowski


Time for your branding to work as hard as you do - with added personality!


How to tell your brand story.

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Hey, Katie here!


I'm on a mission to help determined and passionate female entrepreneurs be confident about showing who they truly are. 

We believe that being YOU makes your business unique. So let's blend your professionalism and personality to create truly unique brand!

A picture of Katie Cope the Founder of Keppel Leopard Branding Agency. She is of south Asian decent and she has black curly hair and is wearing dark green glasses and a leopard print jumper with different colours prints of red, green, pink and purple.
A picture of open books places on the window ledge next to a tall window which overlooks multiple trees and bushes. There is an orange glow of evening sunlight coming over the trees.

Request to Work with Us

Think we are "the one" for you? 

We are the type to tell you to kick your shoes off at the door and grab a brew. We love telling stories and we would love to tell yours.

No strings attached and at your pace all the way.

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