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Keppel Leopard Creative
Branding Agency.

Branding services for Female Entrepreneurs.

The Branding Agency helping you find, create and embrace your true identity.

You have big dreams and ambitions: to change your client's lives and to change the society we live in. 

And to do this you know that you need to put yourself and your business in the spotlight, to become visible, and to grow. 

But it's tricky, ain't it?

Because putting yourself out there can be incredibly daunting. What if people don't like you? What if you offend someone? What if no one listens?

At Keppel Leopard Creative, we aim to help you become confident shouting about you and your business from the rooftops!



"Getting Katie on board to be part of my re-brand was a sound decision for me.


I knew she'd have the patience, creativity and understand to come up with ideas (I had non) and to deal effectively with my requests when I wanted to try things out after she sparked initial inspiration."

Jo | agoodwriteup

Female Entrepreneurs are awesome...

But our journey as a business owner is challenging. Not only do we lack opportunities for investment and networking, but we also have the societal pressure of others asking you:

"So when are you getting a real job?!"

Female Entrepreneurs are AWESOME (so awesome I said it twice!) 

We're creative, we're supportive, we're caring, we're determined, we're a better investment (check out the Rose Review to see for yourself). 

We just need a little help. 

That's why Keppel Leopard Creative specialises in brand identities for female entrepreneurs. 

We know from personal experience what running a business as a woman is like, and if our previous clients are anything to go by, we know you'll go far!

Hey! I'm Katie. Come on in and grab a brew...

I'm the leopard-print-clothed person who runs KLC. 

Having re-branded myself 3 times (!) I know how frustrating and overwhelming creating a brand identity can be. 


So what do I do?

I help women like you who "just run a small business" with epic dreams get the identity and confidence you want to really make an impact. 

Together, we take your dreams and ideas that have been floating around in your head and pull them together to create something truly original and 100% unique to you. 

I love what I do, and I can't wait to help you! (ooo that rhymed!)

a living room filled with furniture and a fire place_edited.jpg

Join The Green Room Community.

Our all-female online community is made up of awesome, ambitious, caring female entrepreneurs all learning how amazing branding can be for their business and championing each other.


Get 90-days to experience the community, completely free. 

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